Impact Coaching, Consulting, and Counseling Center is where all of my experience, expertise, and love for helping others come together in one place. Our services are available in person, on the phone (via text or voice), and online. Me and my amazing coaches are ready to impact your life today!


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As an Addiction Recovery Coach, certified through Addiction Recovery Counseling Services (ARCS), I am committed to improving the functioning and enhancing the well-being of my clients. I enjoy working with individuals, couples, families or groups. I am also committed to following the standards of the National Board of Addiction - Recovery Professional (The NBARP).

If you struggle with addiction or have suffered abuse of any kind in the past and are struggling with overcoming trauma or obstacles that are the result of trauma, this session was created to help you. Trauma can also cause mental health symptoms such as depression and anxiety. I want to help you Improve your overall functioning and well-being so that you can begin to create the life that you desire.

Easy Guide to Insurance Reimbursement


Please note: This information is for Addiction/Recovery clients only.

It’s a common myth that clients of fee-for-service providers are not covered by health insurance benefits. This is not accurate. The majority of my clients are typically reimbursed at a rate of 50-70%.

Based on my credentials, if you have an out-patient mental health care benefit in your health insurance benefit package and are permitted to choose your own service provider (PPO), you May be eligible to receive reimbursement for my fee at the out-of-network percentage rate noted above. I do not bill insurance companies; however, the receipt I provide following each session contains the information your insurance company typically requires and can be attached to your claim form.

For timely reimbursement:

1 Contact your insurance company to request claim forms.

2 Submit the first claim form immediately in order to kick start your reimbursement process.

3 Submit at a frequency level that works for you so your reimbursement can supplement your cash flow


Full disclosure fee schedule

Addiction/ Abuse  Recovery Coaching  — $85 per hour

Couple Relationship Coaching — $160 per hour

This fee is inclusive of a half hour of non-billable time for email communication when needed between sessions. Please note there is no insurance reimbursement available for Life Coaching services. This is a policy within the coaching profession. 

However, some employers do subsidize coaching fees as part of their employee development program. Please check if this option is available with your employer.

There are two things I know about you when you step into my office. One, you have courage and two, you have wisdom.
 I look forward to working with you!


Text coaching is quick, fast, and designed to give you guidance in one key area that you're having difficlty in. 30 mins is great for those who simply need 

motivation and 1 hour is good for those who need a little more work.

Business Formation


This one-hour session will be all about you, your needs, and will be centered around getting to where you want to be with me giving you feedback, guidance, and information to help you in your business, spiritual or personal life.


This is not coaching, it's consulting and it allows me to use my experience, education, insight, descernment and every other tool in my toolbox to guide you.


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