With the SOAR Program, you are going to learn how to Search, Observe, Affirm, and Reposition. These steps will help you learn how to clear barriers, remove unhealthy experiences, promote positive manifestations, and create obtainable goals so that you can live YOUR BEST LIFE and SOAR to new heights!


Group coaching is beneficial for both coaches and clients. For coaches, the group model allows them a powerful way to leverage their time and resources, while helping more clients at a lower price point per person. For clients, group coaching allows them to benefit from the theory of peer learning, which is centered on the idea that each member brings their wisdom to the group, allowing all other members to benefit from it.


How you start your day matters. Why? Because Where your mind goes, your energy flows… Let me help you create a daily mindset that will lead you to living your very best life!

With text coaching, you will start your day with a message of empowerment, encouragement, faith, and inspiration to help you create the very best business + life possible for you! Diathe found that most of our challenges have to do with our mindset. Many have compared the mind to a battlefield on which the story of your life can be played out to victory or defeat. Text Coaching sets you up for victory every day!


This option is great for those who are unclear about their specific personal or business needs, or who simply want someone to discuss an issue or idea with to gain clarity, problem solve, or goal set.


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