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Attributes of Great Coworking Spaces for Female Entrepreneurs

Coworking is becoming more commonplace as people in different types of work, especially entrepreneurs, see the value in sharing a workspace. Female entrepreneurs, in particular, are finding that comradeship helps to maintain a positive outlook both personally and professionally. When searching for a location for your business, keep in mind that coworking is proving to be helpful in building businesses and relationships for many women.

Supportive Environment

If you have a supportive work environment, your life can improve in every area. How many times have you gone home after a day of work at a job where you feel unappreciated and beat down every day? In an environment where you feel like you belong and that your hard work is paying off (or will), you will go home in a much better mood and not subject your family to the stressors of your job. Your business will see better ideas and follow-through, and your family will see a happier side of you as well.


Concentration is important at work, especially when you're getting a new business off the ground. Coworking has its advantages but the extra people around could be a deterrent at times when you need to focus. Sometimes you need to give all of your attention to particular details of your business. According to GoFloaters, people tend to focus better when surrounded by what amounts to "white" noise. It blocks out most of the noise outside of your immediate area without raising your noise level. Natural light also helps with concentration and in making for a calm atmosphere. Lowering overhead lights to allow for natural light can make a noticeable difference in your mood and your proficiency.

Girl Power

As more women are finding a voice in female entrepreneurship, women around the globe are bringing new ideas and possibilities to their communities and beyond. According to Zendesk, coworking can give women confidence and support they might need as a new (or even established) business owner. Women in entrepreneurial roles are still fairly new as business goes. Being in charge carries its own set of possible fears, but sadly, women are still trying to prove themselves. The more you know you have other women on your side, women who are experiencing the same issues as you are in business or otherwise, the smoother your growth can be.

Female entrepreneurship is growing. With that comes more mentors, possibly you, to help other women become successful. Coworking can be a useful tool in making your entrepreneurial dreams come true.

If you’re a female entrepreneur who needs some advice, book me today and I’ll help you!

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