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Biggest Challenges of Using Commercial Ads

The promotion of any business, whether big or small, is dependent on its advertisement. Commercial ads can either boost sales or be a complete waste of money and other resources. Therefore, it’s critical to take the time when creating an ad depending on the industry to ensure it doesn't flop but attains its purpose. Below are some of the biggest challenges that commercial ads have.

Getting Attention

When creating an ad, the first thing to consider is if it can grab the attention of potential customers. The music, visuals, sounds, dialog, and action should be attractive enough for the target audience. People are different, and what may appeal to one person may be a turnoff to another. Coming up with an advert that will have people talking is tricky but attainable. Let the first few seconds be captivating enough to hold your viewer's attention. You should also take into consideration the time, place, and platform that have the greatest likelihood of successfully reaching viewers in your target audience.

Saying the Right Thing

One of the challenges that can have businesses racking their brains is knowing how to say the right thing. You want to have a great hook, create value, and make your product more desirable than your competitors. While of course you want to do everything you can to make sales, it is critical that you avoid using misleading, false, and deceptive information as it can result in a lawsuit. Lawsuits are demanding, costly, and bad for your business. Depending on the industry, it might be wise to have an excellent commercial attorney, as some lawyer commercials have been criticized for potential jury tampering. Advertise with the right information to avoid incurring substantial damages, fines, and loss of customers.


Effective advertising is costly, and for small businesses or brand-new ones, this can be challenging. While cutting down costs is necessary, tightening the budget too much may not be ideal. When working with a tight budget, set goals that are realistic to enable the commercial to achieve its primary purpose. Doing the right advertising will bring in more sales, but don't go overboard. There are a variety of advertising avenues, each with their own pros and cons, and each with their own range of expenses and effectiveness.

Test the waters first before plunging into expensive advertising. While the idea that you get what you pay for is usually accurate, the most expensive advertising method may not be the one that is most effective for marketing your product to your target audience. After knowing what works, you can then go ahead and invest in that form of advertising.

Advertisements are everywhere, and for your business to stand out you have to put in the extra effort. Avoid cliché lines like "only a little time left" and "limited stock," as people know them to be marketing baits. The ads should also be sincere so that when the customers buy your goods or services, they get value for their money

If you’re struggling with advertisements or any other aspect of your business and need help making goals, book a coaching session with me today!

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