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How Female Entrepreneurs Can Foster a Truly Great Team

There's never been a better time to become an entrepreneur, especially if you're a woman. It seems that no matter which way you turn, women are building million-dollar startups in every industry out there, and having great teams is crucial to their success. Check out these tips for fostering relationships that create a feeling of unity within the workplace.

Share Your Vision

To truly create a great team, you need to share your vision. Everyone on your team needs to understand your goals, understand what role they play and feel comfortable coming to you with questions. In addition to making sure that your vision is known, stay open and receptive to the views of your team members. It won't do your company any good if your staff is afraid to speak up, share their thoughts and ask for additional resources.

Attitude is as Important as Skill

Your team members' attitudes is just as important as their skills. While you can teach them how you need your business run, you can't teach them attitude. Some things you can figure out by interacting with a person. Someone with a bad attitude, even if they're the most qualified, will do nothing but dampen morale. In fact, working with someone who constantly has a negative attitude is proven to decrease productivity among colleagues. And when it comes to the most common startup problems, hiring the wrong kind of people sits high on the list. It's important to get to know who you're hiring and really determine if they will be a good fit. Pre-employment testing is one of the most reliable ways to detect negative attitude traits in candidates.

Empower Others

Most importantly, you want to empower others to be the best versions of themselves. Whether you employ a staff of 50 or five, they look to you for support, approval and appreciation. If you're not giving your team what they need to be successful in the workplace, don't be surprised if their performance is less than ideal.

With so many opportunities in the digital landscape, becoming an entrepreneur has never been easier. However, even with the abundance of scalable business models available, you still need to build your business from the ground up. Finding ways to foster a feeling of community among the people you hire can make or break your company. When you invest in helping your team thrive, both you and your business will flourish.

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