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How to Take Care of Your Body When You Work at a Desk

Innovations in technology throughout the years have allowed us to move away from labor-intensive jobs of yesterday to more desk-driven and computer-based occupations. Although this has opened up an array of opportunities, it has also led to new forms of work-related injuries. Of course, you're less likely to be injured working at a desk than performing heavy physical labor. Still, it's important to care for yourself and your health at any type of job. Here are some of the best ways to take care of your body when you constantly work at a desk.


There is no doubt about it, sitting on a computer for hours on end can keep you sedentary, lead to back pain and even hinder your circulation. According to Darras Law, workers who use their hands a lot to type at a computer are at risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. Stretching regularly can help you to deal with some of the strain imposed by sitting at a desk all day. This involves standing up and walking around your office or building floor if you don't have an office of your own. Don't forget to stretch your arms and fingers as well to prevent carpal tunnel.

Maintain Good Posture

When sitting down, concentrating on important business, it can be very easy to forget your posture. Posture includes not only how straight your back is but also the angle of your head and the placement of your feet on the ground. Making yourself aware of your posture during work help to avert back pain and even fatigue, as you are allowing blood to flow properly. There are some ways you can prevent yourself from developing poor posture. This includes setting a timer so you can remind yourself to straighten up. Another recommendation is to invest in a proper chair. It may be worth talking to your employer about ergonomic options for the office.

Take a Break from Your Screen

Computer screens emit blue light, which, according to Iris, can cause eye strain and even macular degeneration. Make sure you turn off your monitor and look away from your screen every so often so you can give your eyes a break. Set your eyesight on something far away, and expose yourself to natural light. There are also some computers that have programs that can change the light temperature of your screen. Setting the light temperature to a warmer color can help reduce some of the strain on your eyes. There are also glasses you can buy and wear that block the blue light from your eyes. Doing these things will allow you to minimize the chances of eye strain and allow you to focus more on your work.

Working at a desk carries its own risks that can interfere with your career and your life. By taking preventive measures, you can help to nurture your body while on the job.

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