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Keeping Your Faith Even When Times Are Hardest

Life is not always a bowl of cherries. Sometimes it’s just the pits. Even those who have strong convictions and live their faith daily can encounter doubt in a time of crisis. It is hard to ask for help, but there are moments when we need it. Let us explore ways to identify crisis mode and determine what should be the next step.

Explore Why You're in Crisis

A feeling of crisis can happen at any time in our lives. It can be triggered when facing a dilemma or a tragic event. A period of crisis can develop when confronting a person or place from an unresolved event in the past. Identifying what is affecting you is the road map on the path to resolution. Praying for guidance is one way to seek and find the appropriate help. What is happening to you is real, and it can incapacitate you if not addressed properly.

Accept Your Feelings

During a crisis, you will experience various ranges of feelings that may embarrass you. You may also feel quite vulnerable. It is not healthy to try to ignore what you are feeling. Even if others tell you that what you are going through is no big deal, you shouldn't let yourself ignore your feelings. Even something as simple as a car accident can be debilitating mentally and cause you to have a crisis. Try depending on your faith to help you find an uplifting solution as you work through your conflicted emotions during this difficult time.

Seek Counseling

If you have difficulty identifying, controlling or balancing your feelings, it may be time to seek outside help. Many churches offer to counsel those in need. Talk to your pastor about what services your church has to offer. Support groups are another option to explore. You'll find that sharing your experience with others who have had something similar occur to them is often helpful as well as comforting. Just remember that there is help available, and you should never be too embarrassed to ask for it.

The Bible offers many passages that give solace to those who are going through hard times. In your prayers, remember to ask for the aid and support you need. Remember that you are never alone. Growth comes with a crisis. Be assured that what you are going through today will result in wisdom tomorrow. Faith is a strong tool that you can access at any time, and it will sustain you eternally.

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