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These true personal stories of powerful women who used painful life lessons to make power moves in their lives will deepen your faith and open your eyes to your power to do the same.

Strong women fall down every single day. Many of them cry silent tears that only their pillows witness. We often ignore the divine miracle and personal strength involved in not only getting up but overcoming and becoming what no one but God believes you can become. This is the amazing, but the often difficult story that women from all walks of life live every day. You’ll be inspired, awed, and comforted by these stories from ordinary women who’ve taken powerful life experiences and used them to level up, boss up, and make power moves despite it all. These lessons include:

  • Overcoming childhood rejection.
  • Dealing with male-dominated workplace trauma and drama.
  • Breaking cycles of domestic violence.
  • Losing it all publically and learning to face it all and rebuild.
  • Dealing with physical pain while growing spiritually.
  • Struggling with a lack of faith or believing in anything at all.
  • Identity crisis and more.

Signed Copy of Powerful Life Lessons from Powerful Women Making Power Moves

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