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Learn More About this Book Series

Journaling has been a huge part of my life. Even as a child I was a very deep thinker. When you’re constantly thinking, you instinctively enjoy spending time alone to sort through those thoughts. One of my favorite ways to sort through my thoughts was and still is to journal.

Because of my love of and belief in the effectiveness of journaling, each book in the SAB Book Series includes journal sections that allow you to write down your thoughts about what you read, ask yourself poignant questions, jot down possible prayer points, or use it for whatever you feel lead to use it for.

Every book is also written with consideration about what areas have been most effective at helping me and the women I’ve known or worked with to discover, pursue, create, and live their very best lives!

Below, you can learn more about the topics addressed so far in the series and pick the one, or ones that will help you most on your path to living your best life!

Be on the lookout for the upcoming book topics, as I plan to continue to write new books to add to the series as often as I am lead!

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