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I'm looking for 100 Women to be a part of my latest book project by Sharing 100 Lessons!


With 100 lessons, we can inspire millions!

If you're a woman who's about her business, I'm looking for you to be a part of book 6 in the She's About Business Book Series! If you're willing to share your greatest lesson from one of your greatest experiences, and the power moves that you are making despite any difficulties you may have faced... then join me and other amazing women in the upcoming

She's About Business Anthology, "Powerful Lessons from Powerful Women Making Power Moves!"

If you're ready to get started, click the link below and join me on this amazing journey!

Not quite ready and need some more information? I understand! Read below for more information to help you decide if this project is right for you!



A reader who picks up an anthology because they’re a fan of one of the other authors in the collection might fall in love with your story and seek out you and your work. This can provide tangible results, like someone buying a novel of yours, or signing up to your services. They might enjoy your story so much that they mention it to their friends and family, who then also seek out your work.

By participating in a project with other authors, you’re getting exposure to people you might never have reached on your own. The same goes for your fans, followers, and family members—they may find they enjoy reading stories by the other authors in the project.



Anthologies are a great way to put content out and brand yourself as an expert. Seeing your name pop up in collections help readers become aware of you and what you do. If you’re an author or plan to be an author, anthologies help create buzz around your name during the breaks in between your own publications.



Anthologies that allow reprints are great for this as well. For example, you might include a story in one anthology, then a year later include it in a different anthology. Even though it’s the same story, including it in more than one collection provides additional opportunities to draw people in to your work. The work can also be used for seminars, keynotes, retreats globally and inclusion within future personal books, articles, blogs, and newspapers columns


Collaborative Promotion

When you participate in multi-author projects, promotion is done by the editor, publisher, and the participating authors. Perhaps the publisher pays for advertising, while the editor and the other authors merely post on social media or announce the collection in their various newsletters. All of this is promotion for the anthology. You benefit from other people promoting your story, just as they benefit from the marketing work you do for the project. With the SAB Anthology, the editor will be heavily promoting the work. This is of great benefit and can help your story be read by readers globally.

Cost distribution

When taking part in an anthology, the cost is spread out between all the authors, the editing and the promotion is done for you. Of course, if all authors work to promote the book it will be most successful, but promotion will happen either way.












I’ve taken part in several anthologies so I understand that just like any other investment, investing in your future by participating in an anthology can be scary. But, any investment in yourself is a worthwhile one and this is also an opportunity to invest in the people who will be touched by your story.

The cost:

$75 by December 1, 2019 sent via cash app to $shesaboutbusiess or via PayPal at

When you click on Get Started, you will be taken to your submission form and contract. Read over it thoroughly, but here are a few key points. 

Key points:

  • Digital Contract needs to be signed by October 31, 2019 to reserve your spot

  • You own the rights to your individual work.

You can reprint your work or use it in other works. 

Writing Sample:


Click here to find a writing sample that can serve as an example for your writing project. Follow the headings   as prompted, write your submission in Word and then copy and paste it to the form.             


If You're Now Ready to Get Started, Click the Button Below!

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