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Welcome to the SOAR Email Coaching Program!

With the SOAR Program, you are going to learn how to Search, Observe, Affirm, and Reposition. These steps will help you learn how to clear barriers, remove unhealthy experiences, promote positive manifestations, and create obtainable goals so that you can live YOUR BEST LIFE and SOAR to new heights!


First and foremost, let me introduce myself and how my program is going to get you back on track.


I am the founder and CEO of She’s About Business Inc, and founder, and director of B.O.S.S (Bent On Saving Souls) International Ministries. I am a Minister, Author, Faith-Based Life Coach, Business Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Qualified Mental Health Counselor, and advocate for women and at-risk youth. I’m also a mother of two sons, and an advocate for entrepreneurship, personal development, and spiritual growth.






For a long time, I was not living the life that I was created for and I knew it! I struggled with issues of rejection, abandonment, and strongholds that kept me in a vicious cycle of fail, try again, repeat. Working in corporate America, with various degrees and certifications under my belt, I lacked a sense of fulfillment and finally reached a point where I was fed up with living a “something’s missing” life.



Long story short… I searched, observed, affirmed, and repositioned. 


The result? I went from working in a small cubicle to counseling others within my community and helping women around the world reach their personal, business, developmental, and entrepreneurial goals.



Much of the changes that I experienced in my life were due to the same 4 steps that you will follow in the SOAR Program.


Each day you will be given an aspect of my S.O.A.R. Program. As you’re going through each day, think about these truths.


  • Deep down we know exactly what things are holding us back.


  • Many of us are too comfortable with “the way things are” to take real action. You, taking part in the SOAR Program changes that for you.


  • Most people are not willing to hold themselves accountable for their issues and choose to blame others, the world, the man, etc.… taking part in the SOAR Program is you deciding to become accountable and acting to change.


  • Often, we simply are in denial about the barriers that our own negative behaviors create. With the SOAR Program, you are acknowledging that your own behaviors have created barriers in your life.


  • Knowledge is power! Once we choose to identify our issues and their root causes, we can then reposition and change anything that we want about our lives.


Are you willing to clearly identify what barriers are blocking and/or demotivating you?

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