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How Working Mothers Can Lay the Groundwork for a Successful Career

For working mothers, the obstacles to a healthy work-life balance are more numerous than for many others. Juggling children and their needs while also balancing a job can be so difficult it may even seem impossible. However, there are many ways women can overcome their various career obstacles.

Avoid Perfectionism

Avoid attempts to be perfect, as there is no perfect pathway to a successful career. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or delegate tasks to others, and stay focused on your goals. Be kind to yourself. Sometimes, just getting a job finished will have to be enough—try to let go of expectations of perfection or polish. You won’t always have the time to spare.

Recognize your accomplishments, even if they may look different from those of coworkers or friends. Give yourself credit for the amazing things you have managed to do and achieve.

Take Online Classes

Continuing to learn new skills is essential for your career, and online classes are great for mothers who can’t be in a classroom all the time. You can learn a number of skills from your computer, including legal aspects of running a business, marketing, and web design. You can also earn difference licenses, like a real estate license, online.

There are many benefits to choosing a real estate school online. Studying online is often far more affordable and time-efficient than attempting a full-time degree program. Many online courses allow students to work at their own pace, which is great for moms who need to juggle caring for kids at home.

Stay Organized at Home

Do your best to keep your home life organized. Consider having weekly meetings with your family in order to plan out and finalize play dates, dinners, childcare, travel, and etc. Try to minimize your stress. You don’t want to spend your workday wondering, “Did I ask sometime to pick up my son from school?” “Who is taking my daughter to soccer practice?” “What do we have in the fridge for dinner?”

Having everything organized at home will make it a lot easier to leave for work or retreat into your home office. Don’t make it harder for yourself by wasting time worrying about home while you are working.

Being a working mom has its ups and downs, along with obstacle after obstacle. While balancing motherhood and working will continue to be complicated, avoiding perfectionism, taking classes online, and staying organized at home can help lighten the load and make it easier for women to make it over the hurdles in their way.

If you need help reaching your business goals as a woman, sign up for some coaching!

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