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Diathe Garnes is an author, coach, counselor, minister, and podcast host. Her book series (The She's About Business Book Series), and podcast (The She's About Business Podcast), were created as an extension of her brand, She's About Business, which is dedicated to helping women live their very best lives!  Diathe is also the founder of B.O.S.S (Bent On Saving Souls) International Ministries, which is dedicated to teaching the Gospel of Christ via written word, videos, and social media outreach. She is also a mother, a devout follower of Jesus Christ, and an advocate for mental health, entrepreneurship, personal development, and spiritual growth.

Diathe believes that:

 Everyone is entitled to live the life that God created them to live

Wearing many hats, Diathe's overall love and dedication for helping others can be attributed to a God-given gift of healing and nurturing others, and to  her life experience of overcoming issues of rejection, abandonment, and strongholds that kept her in a vicious cycle of fail, try again, repeat. Working in corporate America, with various degrees and certifications under her belt, Diathe still lacked a sense of fulfillment and finally reached a point where she was fed up with living a “something’s missing” life.

Diathe went from working in a small cubicle to working within her community, counseling those with mental health issues and helping women around the world reach their business development, entrepreneurial, personal, and spiritual goals.

Diathe also attributes much of her progress in life to the mentors, and coaches that helped her along the way. Becoming hungry for the life she was created to live made her willing to invest in herself, leaving behind the “it’s too expensive” way of thinking and embracing a mindset of “not taking action is costing me so much more.” Her experiences with mentors and coaches reawakened a desire that had almost been snuffed out by corporate America. In an old journal, she found while packing for a move, Diathe read the words, “One day, I want to help other people live better lives,” written in her own handwriting. This reminded her of the desire of her childhood and she realized that NOW was as good of a time as any to make her mark!

“I know what it's like to be afraid to live your dreams. The fear of success can be just as debilitating as the fear of failure. Fear kept me stuck in many areas of my life for a long time. When I was finally fed up, I began to take the needed steps to identify and break barriers in my life. YOU CAN DO IT TOO!"

Born and raised for most of her life in Virginia, Diathe is a certified life coach, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Strayer University, a Master’s Degree in Human Services Counseling from Liberty University, and is an ordained minister of the Gospel of Christ. She is also the author of  a novel entitled, Broken Faith Restored, and a collection of poetry entitled, Words from the Heart

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